Tuesday, April 17, 2012

c1966 Hofner Galaxie

What a cool guitar! Looks amazing and sounds great as well.

From Hofner in Germany (of course most famous for the 500/1 "Beatle Bass", coming soon to this site), this guitar takes typical-of-the-time stylistic cues from Fender's Stratocaster and Jazzmaster and adds a strong European flavour.

With a complex set of switches, this guitar can produce a mind numbing amount of tones, most of them excellent and usable. The neck is big and chunky (unusual for this era) for all those folks who like "baseball bat" style necks as well.

I believe that this particular guitar was built around 1966. Earlier examples have horizontal fret markers that run the length of the fretboard as opposed to the more elegant dots as seen here.

All images c2012 Derek See; guitar loaned by Danny Allen (Baby Buck Studio).

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