Friday, January 20, 2012

1965 Gibson SG Custom

The SG Custom was Gibson's top of the line solidbody electric throughout the 1960's, and was made in very limited numbers (around 100 or so per year). The double cutaway design of the SG replaced the original Les Paul model in late 1960, and retained the Les Paul name until Les Paul's contract with Gibson expired in 1963.

The guitar shown has been exposed to a very heavy amount of cigarette smoke in its life, and has turned from stark white to an incredibly cool shade of yellow. This guitar is also a rare model with a stop tailpiece; most were made with Gibson's Lyre Vibrola. The shiny new gold plated pickups are by Jason Lollar; in my opinion every bit the equal of coveted vintage Gibson pickups.

Compare and contrast with this near mint example from 1964.

here it is in action with my band; The Bang Girl Group Revue.

guitar images courtesy of the author. c2012, Derek See.

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