Sunday, January 22, 2012

1966 Fender Jazzmaster

After the CBS takeover at Fender, changes began being implemented to the line throughout 1965-1967. This early (March) 1966 Jazzmaster shows some cool differences compared to my '63. The headstock got larger and thicker in '66 (as it did on the Stratocaster as well), plastic binding was added to the neck in '65, and the Fender logo changed to what's known as the "transitional" logo in '66 as well. By mid-'66, the round, pearloid fretboard dots were replaced by Gibson-like block marker inlays, and the solid black Fender logo began to be introduced, appearing on custom color guitars first. The worst CBS change (in my opinion) was the introduction of a catalyzed finish to the Fender line in 1967 which was prone to odd discoloration and wear, and did not have the patina of the original, fine lacquer finishes.

1965 also saw the introduction of the classic black Fender case with orange lining, which was used until at least 1978.

This Jazzmaster also features a chunkier neck profile than my '63, and the bridge pickup sounds drastically different (MUCH brighter). Both are incredible guitars with unique voices.

Images courtesy of the author; c2012 Derek See.

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