Friday, February 24, 2012

1965 Martin D-28

While the D-28 was introduced by Martin in the early 1930's, it proved to be an incredibly popular and important guitar in the 1960's, as both John Lennon and Paul McCartney each bought brand new D-28's in 1967, which are heard all over "The Beatles" (aka The White Album), "Abbey Road" and "Let It Be".

This particular guitar was built with a set of awe-inspiring Brazilian rosewood; probably the most coveted wood of all, in terms of acoustic guitars. Martin stopped using Brazilian rosewood in 1969, as regulations regarding its harvest began to fall into effect (thankfully). The downside of the use of this beautiful wood was the decimation of the Brazilian rain forest.

Perhaps the ultimate singers' guitar, the D-28 became synonymous with acoustic rock.

About ten years ago, I scraped together money I basically didn't have by selling off a bunch of other things (a couple of guitars, some records, etc) in a manic week of ebay auctions because I HAD TO HAVE THIS GUITAR. four years ago, I HAD TO HAVE ANOTHER GUITAR and had to sell this one. FORTUNATELY in one of the most incredible twists of fate I've ever been able to experience first hand, I was reunited with this guitar a year ago when it became available again. This time around, I will NEVER sell it. It's meant to be I reckon.

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