Friday, February 10, 2012

1966 + 1968 Gibson ES-335 12 Strings

Introduced in 1965 to capitalize on the folk-rock craze spearheaded by The Beatles "A hard Days Night' (specifically, George Harrison's use of a Rickenbacker 12 string electric on the record and as seen in the film), Gibson took their incredibly popular ES-335 (introduced in 1958), elongated the headstock and VOILA- instant jangle, with a twist of the Gibson 'growl".

This '66 example is finished in what's been dubbed (unofficially) "iced tea sunburst"; a light sunburst shade that was commonly seen on '60's Gibsons.

Probably the most famous use of this model was by Lou Reed in The Velvet Underground days, and it was heard in a big way on their brilliant, self titled third album.

This gleaming cherry red model was built in 1968; a few '68 Gibson models (ES-335, J-45, B-25) have the cool stenciled logo on the pickguard.

Guitar courtesy of Shaky Ceasefire; images c2012 Derek See.

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