Friday, February 3, 2012

1966 Fender Bass V

One has to hand it to Fender; Leo and his team were always tweaking ideas, whipping up new designs and in the process, innovating and revolutionizing the world of electrified stringed instruments. The Bass V is one of the oddest creations from this mighty company, and this beautiful example is finished in Lake Placid Blue with matching headstock that has gently faded while still retaining most of its original hue.

While a five string bass is a common sight on contemporary stages, the Bass V with a high "C" string is completely unlike a modern five string, which has a low "B" as the fifth string, which is lower in pitch than the traditional low "E" on a four string bass. The scale length is full, yet the body is longer than a traditional Fender bass. Odd stuff indeed, and this instrument never found a market. The Bass V appeared in Fender catalogs between 1965-70, and it is estimated that only 1000 instruments were built.

images courtesy of Gryphon Stringed Instruments.

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