Friday, February 24, 2012

1967 Standel

Known more for unique California-made amplifiers, Standel guitars are a rare sight. Standel's final attempt at guitars resulted in a partnership with the Harptone case company (Newark, NJ) in 1967 of which this lovely guitar is an example of. While there is no model designation on the guitar, it is very similar to a Guild Starfire model guitar although that amazing headstock design is in a class of its own. These guitars were quite expensive at the time and very few were made.

The electronics of this guitar were quite anachronistic for the time, as they were the type of DeArmond brand pickups that Gretsch had used in the 50's.

Guitar courtesy of an anonymous collector; images c2012 Derek See.

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  1. Model 520-C. C denotes Cherry finish. Standels came in two finishes. S- sunburst and C- cherry. The Sunburst guitars are made from Curly Maple. The Cherry guitars were all Mahogany.